A Pakistani Government School help Students to Safely Cross the Road – Video goes Viral

first model school

As soon as the last class bell rings, and the school time is over an anarchic situation is witnessed in most of the schools.

Students rush from their classes from all the directions, run outside the school gate to reach their cars or vans and create chaos.

There have been several accidents that have been reported in the past encountered by students while crossing the roads. Thus it was high time that schools stepped forward and took a decision to reduce such incidents.

Well things are changing in one of the government schools. In a government school the students are asked to make a queue inside the school gate. The security guards put barriers on the road.

The traffic is stopped and school children are made to cross the road safely and securely.

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The video of this went viral on social media and we will share with our readers.

Teachers helping students to cross the road

Glad to see this happening somewhere is Pakistan in a government school teachers helping students to cross the road❤. I think all Private and Govt schools should start this practice.

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Friday, January 25, 2019

It is now extremely important that other schools and their administration also step forward and try to make policies and take steps that are beneficial to the students.

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