A Pakistani girl becomes the World’s Youngest Mountaineer to Summit a 7000m Mountain

Selena Khawaja, a 10-year-old Pakistani girl has become the world’s youngest mountaineer to summit a 700m mountain. The Mountain Princess has successfully peaked Spantik Peak on Wednesday. Thus, she has become the youngest person in the world to top a 700-er.

The Karakoram Club tweeted, “#SummitAlert#Pakistan ‘s 10 years old Selena Khawaja became the #youngest person ever to stand on top of #Spantik peak (7,027m) this morning. This record also holds special value as this makes her the youngest #climber ever to #summit a #7000er anywhere in the world #karakoram.”

The youngster already holds a record of peaking 5,000 and 6,000-meter peaks. Back in June, she scaled Mingli Sar which is 6050m. And in 2018, she climbed 5,765-metre Quz Sar Peak. In mountaineering history, no person younger than she has made these achievements.

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Andleeb Abbas tweeted, “Selena Khawaja-The Mountain Princess. She is just 9-year-old & she has become the youngest to scale 5,765 M high Quz Sar Peak. And she not going to stop at that, as fr the next year she has set her eyes on the 8,848 M high Mount Everest. Proud of you little girl#TalentPakistan.”

Earlier when Selena peaked Mingli Sar, she requested for sponsorship for climbing Spantik Peak via her Twitter.

She tweeted, “Successfully summited Mingli Sar(6050m) on June 14th, 2018.
Now I need sponsors to do Spantik Peak (7027m) in July.”

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