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A pair of Melons Sold For $29,300 in Japan

Yubari King Melons are one of the most expensive food across the globe, A pair of Premium Yubari King Melons were sold for 3.2 million yen ($29,300) at an auction in Japan, breaking 2016s record according to AFP.

The previous record was held by Japan as well when the pair of premium Yubari King Melons was sold for $23,500.

It is not only the Yubari King Melons are expensive; Densuke Watermelon which is quite rare is another expensive fruit in this family, the watermelon was sold for $6100 in southern Japan previously.

Local fruit packing firm placed the winning bid for Yubari King Melons to go for sale at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market in Northern Hokkaido, the officials said.

The amount which is enough to buy a car in Japan broke the previous record of 3.0 million yen two years ago.

Seasonal fruit offering usually attracts buyers and fetch the massive amount of money from buyers seeking social prestige or from restaurant/shop owners to attract customers over extortionate edibles.

Yubari Melons are well-known for the status symbol in Japan, being an extravagant item; friends and colleagues buy it for each other as a gift. However, there are some exceptions as well; the best-quality Yubari Melons have the perfect shape of the sphere along with smooth even, patterned rind. The fruit is usually sold in an ornate box.

The normal Yubari melon usually costs $50 to $100, in Japan almost all the fruits are expensive, good quality apple single usually costs $3 in Japan.