A new update with the Material you dynamic icon added to the Camera Assistant app of Samsung

Galaxy Store

The Good Lock app suite of Samsung holds the latest Camera Assistant module. The current reports suggest an update to the Camera Assistant module. As per the reports, the updates have added a Material You-compatible dynamic app icon. Thus, indicating that the primary color of the app’s icon will match the wallpaper set on the screen of your Galaxy smartphone.

Version is the latest updated version of the app. It can be accessed via the Galaxy Store. Just search for the app on the Galaxy Store or simply open Good Lock, then click on the menu button next to the Camera Assistant app. Click on Go To Store. Here you can update the app to its latest version.

Though, the Good Lock app is not available internationally. We are hoping that soon the company will modify its stance on such a useful application.  Sadly, if you reside in a region where the Good Lock app is not available you won’t be able to install the Camera Assistant app neither you will receive the recent updates. On the other hand, you can install the APK file of the app directly on your Galaxy smartphone. However, make sure that you download the file from a protected source.

The camera Assistant app is a very useful app. It offers several advanced settings for the stock camera app. It accompanies the following features:

  • Increase the shutter speed
  • Enable/disable the Auto HDR
  • start video recording in Photo mode
  • drive the camera to use a particular lens
  • customize the number of pictures to be captured in timer mode
  • offer a clean viewfinder view on an HDMI-connected display

Given these aspects, we hope that you will install the updated version soon. Enjoy the latest version of the app. We wish you a wonderful experience with such an amazing app.