A new report claims that OnePlus and OPPO could be leaving France

Back in March 2023, some reports claimed that Oppo and OnePlus could soon leave the European markets due to patent-related issues. Later, both companies denied these rumors. Now some fresh pieces of information suggest that Chinese firms are indeed leaving the French market.

The source of this recent information is Frandroid. The source carried out some solid research for this case. As per the information from the source, both companies have abandoned their sales and external marketing teams in France. These staff members were in charge of emphasizing their items in retail establishments, and it is their responsibility to do so while also educating shop personnel and luring customers away from competing companies. When competing against huge brands like Apple and Samsung, smaller smartphone firms in European nations are apparently unable to generate sufficient sales without them.

According to the report, OnePlus and OPPO are ending their current inventory from several retail stores. There is no hope that these retail stores will receive further shipments of the new smartphones introduced by Chinese companies. besides this, the sales employees informed the publication that no new smartphones introduced by Oppo and OnePlus in China are coming to France. It possibly indicates the end of sales of smartphones in the region.

Previously, the companies declared that they would halt sales for a temporary duration owing to the patent lawsuit filed by Nokia. It now appears like that the companies might exit France and other European markets as well. It could be a piece of good news for some brands like Samsung and others whose sales might surge due to low competition.