A New Malware is targeting WhatsApp Backups and sensitive data

From a couple of days we are constantly getting news about malware attacking different platforms. This time it’s about WhatsApp. This malware is attacking backups and sensitive data in the app.

It originates from a hacker gang by the name of SpaceCobra, who created instant messaging software that may take a lot of private data from the target device. Additionally, it appears that the threat actor is also fully aware of their intended victim. Because they are unable to download the program, researchers.

The information comes from ESET, whose cybersecurity researchers recently found that two messaging apps, BingeChat and Chatico, were spreading the remote access trojan GravityRAT. The RAT can steal a lot of sensitive data from infected endpoints. This information includes things like call records, contact lists, SMS messages, location information for devices, basic device information, and files with extensions for documents, photographs, and photos.

The Play Store also does not contain the apps

This virus program is quite advanced. Typically, you can find and download them from the Play Store. However, this is not the situation. The Play Store and other app stores do not have the apps. Instead, downloading them requires creating an account on a specific website.

ESET researchers visited the website but were unable to register because registrations were marked as “closed” when they arrived. The researchers conclude from this that hackers are selective in who they target. possibly examining places or IP addresses.

The victims’ country of origin seems to be India in the majority. Which makes sense considering how widely used WhatsApp is there. The assailants are also Pakistanis. Additionally, it appears that the campaign has been running since last year.

How therefore can you safeguard yourself? Since you must create an account to use this software, avoid creating an account on any dubious-looking websites. especially if it asks for your WhatsApp login information. That practically begs for bad news.