A Mobile App that Detects Child Illness Through Cough

child illness

A new mobile app has been developed that could detect child illness through the cough.

This is an amazing development in the sector of healthcare. If the doctor is not available, then the parents could detect the disorders of their child’s respiratory tract via this app. The app has been developed by the Researchers at the University of Queensland who made this application via the technology of cough analysing.

The app detects respiratory disorders in children with the aid of cough-analysing technology. The most interesting thing about this application is that while research was being conducted, the researchers had gathered a database of cough audio of more than 1,437 submitted children. The ages of the kids were ranged between 29days to 12 years.

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The researchers later then developed a machine learning algorithm for making speech recognition systems. These recordings were used to teach the app to identify the sounds of coughs be it bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia.

For testing the accuracy of the app, this app is tested on some of the children and 81percent to 97percent accuracy was ensured.

While briefing about the application, Paul Porter—the researcher said that it could be tough to differentiate between the respiratory disorders in children, even for the experienced doctors. He further said that this study shows how new technology, machine learning, mathematical concepts and clinical medicine could be combined successfully for producing entirely new diagnostic tests.

The app is not launched globally yet the team of researchers are striving to make it more proficient. The app would be a blessing for people living in remote areas where there are no or very fewer medical facilities available.

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