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A man survived after his heart stopped beating for 18 hours

A French man came back to life from near the death after his heart stopped beating for 18 hours. The patient, who has not been named, recovering in the hospital without any damage to his brain as he had a heart attack outdoors and he suffered hypothermia which causes his body temperature to plunge.

“The man survived because of the fall of the temperature of his body which had protected his brain and other vital organs. The chances of his survival were near to zero. This is a textbook case, which is also an extraordinary medical and human adventure,” In-charge of intensive care unit at Montpellier University Hospital, Jonathan Charbit said.

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The patient, 53, suffered a heart attack while he was walking back to his home from the brother’s house in Béziers, Montpellier on the 12 of March. The relatives of the man went out to look for him when he didn’t reach home after that they found him lying unconscious by a river.

The paramedic’s staff reached on the spot and found that he was suffering from hypothermia. The temperature of the body was 22C, instead of the normal 37C. The paramedic team starts rescuing him on the spot before he was shifted to the hospital and doctors took over.

The doctors carried on with heart massages for over four hours and after that, they placed him on a heart-lung machine which kept him alive. When the temperature of his body rose, the doctor made an attempt to get his heart going. However, several ribs of the body have been broken due to heart massages and placed him on the heart-lung machine for three days. But, he is now recovering in the hospital.