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A Man Makes £1,000 per Year Just by Complaining About Mayonnaise

Chris Owen is a regular man who hates mayonnaise. As per his claims he makes around £90 per month just by issuing complaints about the undesired and unrequired use of it in the food he orders at the various restaurants.

The thirty-nine years old PR Director, a resident of High Wycombe—Buckinghamshire informed that he always tells the staff whenever there is some issue with his food, and he usually returns home with a free dish or some discount.

He said that the worst of all is a burger, as they always put a lot of mayonnaise in burgers.

He added that mayonnaise is an oppressor of a condiment and very haughty. It thinks that it makes everything tastes much delicious but sadly that is not the case.

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Chris Owen has been labelled as the “Britain’s Biggest Moaner” by The Sun. He said that he wants to be known as someone who is the best at not compromising on poor services and mistakes.

He also advised other diners to get vocal and complaint if they find any issue with their served orders.

Chris while conversing with BBC said that he makes nearly around £1,000 per year just by sending mayonnaise ridden food back after particularly requesting his food to have “no mayonnaise”.

He added that he makes money by complaining about other aspects of the service too. In general, he calculated that he had made approximated around £3,000 ever since he has started to complain.

The PR Director elaborated regarding his hate for mayonnaise and said that it runs deep and also loathes salad cream which is simply a proxy for mayo.

He informed that he once received a free pizza after he mentioned that the food has overuse of chilli flakes, and he has won £400 in compensation owing to a poorly-fitted oven.

The mayonnaise hater urged the fellow customers to not remain silent in case of any issues with their served food, rather speak out and complain politely.

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