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A Man Goes SIM Shopping with Camel in Mall

The shopkeepers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia got the shock of their lives after a man decided to bring along his camel inside the mall.

A video clip has gone viral on social media showing an elderly man walking around a communications complex at Jasmine district in Riyadh along with his she-camel.

The man apparently as per sources had visited the complex for purchasing a SIM card.

A security guard at the communications complex tried to stop the man from taking his camel inside and attempted to convince the man to leave the camel outside, but the man did not budge and continued with his search for the SIM card.

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The camel on the other hand also seemed to super relax and comfortable with her surroundings and during the shopping spree even got herself “relieved”. The camel did not even discourage her owner with any of her action.

The social media was flooded with varied reactions, some people applauded the man for staying true and dedicated to his belonging and defended his mode of transportation while others found his actions pretty offensive.


It is no hidden fact that the history of Arabs and camels go hand-in-hand. Camels being the animal of deserts had always been the mode of transport in Arab lands for decades. Camels are known for storing food in their humps and are the best animals to take on for long journeys.

Arabs value these animals a lot and it is a kind of wealth for them, especially the she-camels.

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