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A Man Files Case Against Son for Talking with Girls

An angry father contacted the district and session courts of Lahore, asking them to register a case against his son for “talking to girls late at night” from his mobile phone.

Haji Sadiq filed a plea in the court and requested that he was trying to stop his son in every way possible for him to stop his son from engaging himself in gossiping with girls for many months, but all his efforts are proving fruitless.

As per the man, his son—Irfan has entirely ignored his orders and is continuing with his habit even during the blessed month of Ramazan.

The man in his petition argued that his son goes to the rooftop for talking to girls from his cell phone.

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The concerned father added that he has told his son to pay more attention and focus on his studies for ensuring a better and stable future, however, all the pieces of advice have gone in vain as nothing has affected his son enough to restrain him from his habit.

Sadiq mentioned that he noticed his son talking to someone on the mobile phone some days back and he asked him to hand over the mobile device.

To this, his son Irfan refused to comply, which made the father’s doubts stronger.

After all his attempts which have clearly failed the father finally contacted the Shahdara police station to file an FIR against his son.

However, the police officials declined to file the case, quoting legal sanctions.

Haji Sadiq after getting a refusal from the police station urged the court to instruct the SHO to register the FIR against his son. The court has asked for comments on the matter from the SHO.

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