A man builds the camera-shaped house, names his sons Nikon, Canon Epson to show his love for the camera

A man in India has built a camera-shaped house to show his love for the camera and photography.

According to the details, not only this but 49-year-old Ravi Hongal has also named his three sons Canon, Nikon, and Epson to express his love for the camera.

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It is worth mentioning here that Ravi spent more than 95,000 US dollars to build the camera-shaped three-story house in Belgaum, Karnataka—a state in India.

As per the details, Ravi Hongal loves photography since he was a child. The details shared by his family said that he used to go to the nearby rural areas to take pictures of the natural beauty and also to cover different events nearby.

A social media user, while sharing the pictures of Ravi’s house, said: “A camera-obsessed photographer from India builds a camera-shaped house!  49-year-old Ravi Hongal has spent over $95,000 building the 3-story house, which looks like a camera in the town of Belgaum in India.”

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