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A man attacks his girlfriend for changing her Facebook profile picture

A man attacked his girlfriend just because she changed her profile picture on the social networking website Facebook.

Lois Ashton, 29-year-old, now has to wear a partial denture after her then-boyfriend, Andrew McNair, kicked so hard on her face. After the attack, the jaw and three teeth of Ashton have been broke.

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According to the details, McNair attacked after Ashton had removed her profile picture on Facebook that had McNair and her together and instead put an image of herself, which triggered McNair to kick, punch and slap her.

The incident happened when Ashton had planned to go out with her girlfriends and McNair wasn’t happy with it.

Ashton said, “He looked annoyed that I was going out and I said ‘I didn’t think you would want to come on a girls’ night out’ and he said ‘the offer would have been nice’. So I ended up inviting him and he came with me,” while talking to the media.

“We went to a pub but McNair didn’t even sit with us, he was staring at us after sitting in another booth. I thought that he was acting stranger but I was just trying to ignore his behavior and enjoy the night with my girls,” Ashton further said. Later Ashton invited McNair to join them at the house of one of her friends but he declined and left.

Next morning, Ashton woke up and found that McNair standing over her. “McNair was standing on my legs screaming at me. I managed to run outside from the house and started knocking the door of the neighbor for help but no one had open the door for me. After that, he came outside, locked the door of the house and threw the key away so my friends couldn’t help me. And then he started punching and slapping me. He kicked me in the side of my head and it knocked me over,” Ashton said.

She further said that he kicked me three times in my face and my teeth have been broke. One of my teeth actually went up into my nasal cavity. At the time, I thought I was going to die as there was so much blood.