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A Leading Math Enrichment Programme Comes to Pakistan

Canada’s largest after-school mathematics enhancement programme the Spirit of Math (SoM) has come to Pakistan. SoM has got over eight thousand five hundred students enrolled and have around forty campuses spread across the United States and Canada. It is now opening two of its new locations in Pakistan.

The programme is targeted at providing the problem solving and cooperative teamwork skills. It offers after-school math classes, training for the educators, camps and an extensive maths workbook series.

Dating back to the year 1992, the SoM pupils have been getting placements at the national and international mathematics honour rolls and the alumni have earned scholarships from some of the best top North American Universities.

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The school had opened earlier two branches in the provincial capital of Punjab that is Lahore back in August 2017 and now is in the process of spreading its reach to other locations too.

During a press conference arranged by the school organizers, Bushra Ansari—an advocate for the school’s mission announced monetary assistance for ten underprivileged background students of grades 1-5.

She expressed her merriment on the introduction of this programme and thanked the Canadians for introducing this programme in Pakistan.

Ansari added that in Pakistan an outdated syllabus and method of teaching is being practised. This is something new and innovative. For the betterment of our children, we need to adapt and keep on improvising our education system.

There is a dire need to establish a healthy, nurturing and enjoyable learning environment, not specifically for Maths but for other subjects too.

She also informed that her own granddaughters are the regular attendees of the Spirit of Maths.

CEO and Co-founder of the SoM—Mrs Kim Langen, also conducted a panel discussion at the event with the various educators and discussed the significant skill set needed for the betterment of the education standards in Pakistan and how new skills could be taught to the students. They also discussed the newer ways and practices that teachers and parents need for improving the child’s performance at school.

Vice President Campus Orientations for SoM Pakistan—Nathan Langen, give an introduction of their started World Mathematical Olympiad (WMO) Pakistan, which would be selecting and training the high-achievers nationwide so that they could participate as team Pakistan at the WMO.

The Olympiad would be held at the Stanford University in California this year.

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