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A Hospital for Donkeys Opened in Lahore

hospital for donkeys

The business of donkeys is booming in the provincial capital of Punjab. Keeping this in view the government of Pakistan thought it to be an economic necessity to open a hospital for donkeys in Lahore.

Recently it was in the news that Pakistan has got the third largest population of donkeys in the world. An average donkey in Pakistan as a matter of routine makes one thousand rupees per day that is $7.

Only in the city of Lahore as per the statistics of Punjab Livestock Department there are more than 41,000 donkeys.

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The hospital is located in the busy yet lively city of Pakistan and would provide medical services to all the donkey patients and that too without any charges.

The decision of opening a donkey dedicated hospital has made the donkey owners and breeders super happy.

Donkeys are such mammals that prove most effective when it comes to taking labour. They are cheap to maintain and buy and they serve well for lifting and carrying loads to places.

In Pakistan sadly, donkeys are the most underrated animal, however, the neighbouring country of Pakistan, China greatly value donkeys as they are not just used for labour purposes but are also used for making medicines along with other products.

Donkeys are taken as the symbol of hard work, because of the amount of service they provide.

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