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A Group of Youth Converts 100 Ventilators to 400


A group of youth stepped up and converted 100 ventilators to 400 by taking the help of 3D printing.

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis the youth stepped up to support their country through this difficult phase.

Due to the increasing number of patients there is a shortage of ventilators now. To cover up this problem the youth group took this responsibility to overcome this shortage and so they learnt how to make life saving equipment through 3D printing. And within a few days they prepared a valve that can connect to a single ventilator and can become useful for four patients at a time.

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Zarlasht Faisal one of the member of that group shared the entire process of the making of this ventilator that can be used for 4 patients. They came up with this idea while they were brainstorming and ended up thinking about another genius in the world who converted a single ventilator into 9.

Faisal tweeted that they took his design files and started the production of this valve through 3D printing.

According to him the valves were prepared overnight and later on they were supposed to be tested for which Shaukat Khanum Hospital was being approached. Dr.Faisal from Shaukat Khanum hospital immediately connected the group with the group of engineers.

Faisal told everyone that the design of the valve has been approved by the hospital. A single ventilator can now be used by 4 patients.
The design samples are being shared all over the country and the demand for the valves are increasing so that every hospital can get benefits from these valves.

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