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A Grounded Plane at Karachi Airport Catches Fire

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A grounded plane at the Karachi airport caught fire on Sunday night, as per local media reports. The plane was parked at the Jinnah International Airport of Karachi.

As per sources, the fire erupted all of a sudden in one of the grounded planes that was parked one kilometre away from the runway. The authorities of the airport, after being informed, called the fire extinguished which put off the flames.

According to the sources, the bushes near the parked inactive plane caught fire and finally resulted in engulfing one of the planes that was parked in the compound.

The aviation authority has taken notice of the incident and has launched inquiry against it.

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Previously on the 7th of January, a plane of the national flag carrier that was headed for Karachi experienced a serious damage after a bird hit it near the Jinnah International Airport.

As per the shared details, the PIA flight PK-311 which was coming from Quetta had been struck by a bird while it was landing at the Jinnah International Airport. The pilot, but, was successful in landing the plane safely and no human injury was reported.

One wing of the plane got damaged which is under repair by a team of engineers. This was as per the reports the first bird hit accident of the year 2020.

It is pertinent to mention that more than 19 planes have experienced some kind of damage by bird strikes which has resulted in the loss of millions of rupees to the Pakistan International Airlines.

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