A Garage in Faisalabad makes Custom 200cc ‘Baby Jeep’ for Rs. 300,000 – Research Snipers

A Garage in Faisalabad makes Custom 200cc ‘Baby Jeep’ for Rs. 300,000

Looking for an extremely affordable, custom made Jeep in Pakistan?  Well, we have a news for you. 

A garage in Faisalabad specializes in making custom made Jeeps. It is giving an opportunity for the people to have their own miniature jeeps. If you order now, they will make you a handmade jeep.

Now let us come to the price of the Jeep. It is claimed that the Jeep will just cost you PKR 300,000 (3 Lacs) and it can reach up to 80 kilometers speed. It is equipped with a 200 cc water cool engine and has a four forward and back gear disks and breaks.

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Custom made jeeps in Pakistan are highly popular and loved among the collectors. There are many people in Pakistan that love open vehicles and spend a fortune in acquiring them.

But there are those as well who are not able to afford it. Now they can, with Garage in Faisalabad making a custom affordable Baby Jeep.

Do you want a custom-made miniature jeep as well? Contact garage here.

The About section of the garage says, “We make total hand made baby jeep 200cc water cool engine disk breaks four forward with back gear two seats capacity tire size radial 12 rear wheel only.”

Here are pictures of the Jeep