A future update will introduce Qi2 wireless charging to older iPhone models

For quite some time now, the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple has been offering MagSafe solutions for its smartphones. Notably, MagSafe offers magnet-based wireless charging for iPhones. The latest iPhone 15 series has support for MagSafe however, they also feature support for the standard Qi2 wireless charging.

Just recently, the company rolled out the new iOS 17.2 release candidate software. According to the information, Qi2 wireless charging might arrive on older iPhone series, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. The new feature is confirmed by the iOS 17.2 RC changelog on an iPhone belonging to a team member.

Qi2 wireless charging: what’s the big deal?

Android phones may now wirelessly charge using magnets thanks to the newest international wireless charging standard, Qi2. First and foremost, quicker wireless charging is made possible by this standard. A question arises here. If third-party charging pads support Qi2, would these older iPhones be able to get faster wireless charging speeds? Well, this was not clear in Apple’s changelog. With the MagSafe chargers the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series feature support for 15W charging. On the other hand, 7.5W is the maximum capacity delivered by third-party wireless chargers.

The Verge does, however, confirm that Anker’s forthcoming MagGo Qi2 wireless chargers would, in fact, provide 15W speeds on current iPhone models. It does appear that if you want quick wireless charging, you might not need to purchase MagSafe chargers explicitly.

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