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A Fruit Selling Lady in Islamabad Gets a House in Gift from UAE’s Ambassador

fruit selling lady

A lady in Islamabad named Yasmeen who sells fruits for her living has been gifted with a furnished house by Hammad Obaid Ibrahim Al-Zaabi, UAE’s ambassador.

She has been selling fruits for the past 6 years and her efforts were recognized and appreciated by the UAE Embassy and the citizens through social media just a few months ago.

One fine day while she was selling fruits the Ambassador’s car passed by her cart and caught the Ambassador’s attention.

The envoy had a casual chat and asked her how many children she has and what made her bound to sell fruits like this.

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After a few days, the ambassador surprised her with a fully furnished house.

Yasmeen would be provided with the keys of her house before Ramazan.

She says that it is quite peaceful for her to think that her children will now be able to comfortably sleep under a roof.

This story is quite inspiring, the way a woman started to work for her kids 6 years back when she had nothing. And now she is able to provide her children with education.

A great deed was done by the citizen of Islamabad, who brought up her story through social media which helped her get recognition and a great help to secure her children’s’ future.

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