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A Forensic Expert Team Ready to Leave for Karachi from Lahore

In order to assist the identification process of the demised people, a team of forensic expertise of Lahore’s University of Health Sciences is ready to leave for Karachi.

The team will be taking off for Karachi through a special flight to provide assistance over the identification of the dead bodies said the spokesperson of NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority).

The spokesperson also stated that the team includes the officials of the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) which is the only forensic lab in Asia. He also added that the bodies of the people deceased in the plane crash incident are present at the Jinnah Hospital.

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The authorities will transfer some of the dead bodies to some other cold center if required, said the spokesperson of NDMA.

Up till now the death toll from the plane crash of the PIA aircraft PK-8303 has risen up to 76 and 3 of the passengers miraculously survived. The total number of passengers on board was 90 along with 8 crew members.

There is a fear that the number of casualties can increase as the plane crashed in a populated residential area of Karachi.

The rescue teams and the armed forces of Pakistan have continued the rescue activities on the plane crash site.

A few medical staff members and engineers are also present at the incident site for assisting the rescue teams for removing the wreckages. Security officials are present at the site along with sniffer dogs to spot people stuck under the debris of the plane and the buildings.

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