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A Firm in Karachi Advertising Itself Using Fake Rs5,000 Note


The Earning Academy—a Karachi based firm, that teaches people the art of earning money via different means have just launched a campaign that might poke one to laugh a bit and at the same time could also prove disappointing. The firm is using a fake Rs5,000 note for advertising itself.

If one travels to Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city of lights, one would find a folded note of Rs5,000 lying innocently on the road.

And if the note is picked up and unfolded, one side of it has the advertisement with a message that reads “want to earn money?”, while the other side of the note perfectly copies a real Rs5k currency.

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In advertising, there is this rule that the more creative the advertising campaign be the more it would help in getting attention.

Around the world, firms spend millions for capturing the attention of people via making various types of advertisements. The ones who get successful in pulling a superb ad not just gets the public attention but also become a highlight on social media.

As for this Karachi based firm and its advertising tactic, so it is yet to be seen how well people take this joke and does this strategy actually helps the firm in getting the desired attention.

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