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A Firm in China Creates First Cloned Kitten

cloned kitten

A Chinese firm has created its first cloned kitten.

Animal cloning is growing at a rapid pace and after the cloning of monkeys, sheep and dogs, scientists have now also cloned a previously dead kitten.

Sinogene—a Chinese firm has recently cloned a dead pet cat and has named it Garlic, making it reborn and the first-ever successful replicated cat of the company.

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The company briefed that the cat cloning could cost some US$35,000, but the cloning of dogs usually cost around US$53,000 and the firm has cloned more than 40 pet dogs, as per the reports of ABC News.

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Mi Jidong—the CEO of Sinogene said that regardless of the costlier price, some clients were not the ones who were earning high, in fact, a large portion of the customers are young people who have just graduated in the past few years. He said that whatever be the origin of pets, owners consider them a part of their family. Jidong added that pet cloning meets the emotional needs of the young generation.

Garlic died seven months back before it was cloned. Its owner Huang Yu felt happy after seeing his dead cat being incarnated. He shared that the similarity between the two cats is more than 90percent.

Jidong is of the belief that China has a growing pet market and thus the market for pet cloning is also set to flourish in the near future.

Furthermore, Chinese scientists are already working on the theory of cloning pandas.  As per an expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences—Chen Dayuan, he has been researching giant panda cloning for past 20 years and believes that there could even be the possibility for cats to give birth to cloned baby pandas as well.

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