A feature to conceal the Meta AI shortcut is added to WhatsApp Beta

Meta is putting in all its efforts to introduce AI-related features across its platforms. Recently, the company began testing the AI assistant on its messaging app, i.e., WhatsApp. The new Meta AI assistant feature was accessible to a few beta testers on both Android and iOS apps. It could be spotted on top of chats. It is basically a shortcut for quick access.

Well, this is completely an optional feature and not a default one. It can be used or overlooked. It is evident from the recent development of the company. The ability to completely remove the Meta AI button from the Chats tab has been added to the most recent beta version of the Android app. It can be done by heading to the Chats section of the app’s settings. Do note that the feature is currently available to a few beta users.

Similar to other virtual assistants, Meta AI can search queries via the web. It relies on Microsoft Bing for searching for real-time information. Besides this, Meta AI can also produce context-based suggestions for individual as well as group chats. In addition to this, Meta will introduce several AI characters to its assistant. Sounds interesting. It’s encouraging to see that Meta isn’t imposing the functionality on everyone because not every user will want to integrate AI into their messaging and talking experiences.

The new feature can be found in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android. Currently, the feature is accessible to only a few users. It is anticipated that the new feature will soon make its appearance on the iOS version of the app as well. As far as the standard and stable version of the app is concerned, neither the AI assistant nor the option to hide it is available to it. Perhaps it will take some time before making its way to the stable version of the app.

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