A Farm House Built on Hobbit Theme is Islamabad’s New Attraction


Lord of the Rings of J.J R Tolkien is one such movie that was loved and lauded by all. The movie was a hit owing to many factors. Among the many factors, the iconic hobbit houses were also the source of great attraction. There is good news for the movie fans as someone has built a replica of the hobbit house in the capital city.

This newly built hobbit house cannot be compared in size with the iconic hobbit houses in the LOTR movies. The houses shown in the movie were tiny cottages that were fit for hobbits use only, but this farmhouse is huge and is on 11 Kanal and could accommodate a big family well.

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If you are one of the fans of LOTR and the hobbits, then for sure you have a chance of actually getting a chance to live in one of these as it is in the news that the owner is planning to sell it in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

The hobbit farmhouse is situated at just a few minutes’ drive from Bahria Town Phase 8 near the Zarrar garrison on Adiyala road that links Bahria Town with DHA. This road also happens to link to a gated community of more than 65 farmhouses.

The Hobbit farmhouse has got modern impressive features for anyone who desires to live a life full of luxuries. The farmhouse interiors are fully modernized to the core.

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