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A Factory in Lahore to Produce Made in Pakistan Cars

made in Pakistan cars

PM Khan said that the JW Forland factory in Lahore would be producing the first completely made in Pakistan cars.

On Saturday during a visit to the factory site, the PM said that the factory has currently got 8,000 employees but would indirectly be creating more jobs for 40,000 people. He said that this factory built on 2,500 kanals of land and would be providing 40,000 people with jobs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked Faisal and Javed Afridi, the brothers who set up the factory and said it would be producing more investment in the country.

More investment in Pakistan would be producing more wealth and would surge the tax revenue, hence creating more jobs. This cycle would then result in people having more money to spend and hence more investment.

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He said that the vehicles would be made locally. This is the first time that a full car would be made in Pakistan, informed the PM. He added that earlier there were just assembly plants in the country.

PM said that he was waiting for a time when electric cars are brought to Pakistan for removing the issue of pollution

While visiting the industrial zone of Lahore, he said that the factory was giving nearly Rs21billion in taxes but after its expansion, it would be giving Rs30billion to the government every year. These automobiles could also be exported and could get foreign exchange.

He said that with the new policy they are striving to eradicate barriers to investment and added that through this the people and the government would both be getting the benefit.

PM Khan said that the government is trying to make it easier for the investors to invest in Pakistan and improve the ease of doing business.

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