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A Doctor in Karachi Lost his life due to the non-availability of Ventilator

Due to the non-availability of a ventilator in many hospitals of Karachi, a doctor diagnosed with coronavirus, died.

This incident exposed the mismanagement, corruption, and the healthcare system of Sindh. Dr. Furqan lost his life as there was no ventilator available in all the government hospitals and all private hospitals rejected to take him due to the lack of space.

Dr.Furqan was a retired general physician of Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases. He got infected with coronavirus a week ago and isolated himself at his residence.

His family visited many hospitals including, (SIUT) Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation and Indus Hospital after knowing about his health condition but the family was sent back hopeless as there was no space available in the hospitals and also there was a non-availability of a ventilator.

The Doctor kept on fighting for his life within the ambulance for almost 2 hours and at last, died when his family took him to DOW’s Ojha hospital.

Most of the ventilators in the government hospitals were out of order although the Sindh government claims of spending Rs.2 billion on the health facilities.

Sindh hospitals have 350 ventilators out of which 70 were out of order, told the sources.

Khurram Sher Zaman President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) expressed grief over his death and also he paid a tribute to his services for humanity.

He got offended by the fact that there was not a single ventilator available for a doctor. Moreover, he said that the government should make efforts to execute strict lockdown and on providing medical equipment rather than spreading fear.

President PTI also insisted on the resignation of the Provincial health minister due to the poor arrangements otherwise it can result in the loss of many other lives.

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