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A beggar in the morning. A businessman in the evening

A man, Chhotu Baraik, lives in Patna with his three wives, one of whom helps him to manage his shop.

40-year-old Baraik is handicapped in both his legs and lives in Chakradharpur in West Singhbhum district, he said that he invests all the money he earns from begging in his business and now his monthly income is around Rs 1 million.

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“Initially, I tried a lot to earn some money to get my condition well, but poverty continued to haunt me like my shadow. Then I start begging and earn handsome amount. I invested the whole money I earned from begging into various business to earn good profits,” Baraik said.

Baraik earned almost Rs 30,000 a month from begging. He is an owner of a shop that sells utensils and one of his three wives is running the shop. He is also a distributor for Vestige, one of the leading companies that deal with personal care and health products.

He has 20-member staff managing his business. After getting done begging in the morning, he wears a suit and tie in the evening and chair a meeting with the staff.

“There is no dispute in my home because one of my three wives runs the shop. The income I generated from begging and the marketing business is equally distributed among my other two wives. That is why there is no dispute among my family,” he said.

Image Via Gulf News