A beggar begging on a Karachi-Bangkok Flight – Video Goes Viral

On a flight from Bangkok to Karachi, a beggar started begging & pleading for money. The situation on the plane left everyone in a state of shock. Some also claim that the flight was from Doha to Sheraz. Anyway, it seems that a new trend has started and beggars are shifting from roads to flights.

Interesting: A beggar in the morning & a businessman in the evening

A video has circulated over social media in which you can see a beggar seeking help from the passengers.

Here is the video

The air hostess is trying to stop the beggar asking for money. She is trying to tell him that it is not allowed on the plane but as it seems that the situation got out of hand a male flight attendant came in and tried to stop the beggar.

Surprisingly two crew members on the plane gave the money to the beggar while the plane staff was continuously trying to get him out of the plane.

Such an incident has never been witnessed before, thus it got social media attention. As reported, the beggar did buy a ticket but then suddenly started begging. He said that he is homeless and has financial issues, so he needs money.

Let us look at some of the social media reactions.

Mubasher Lucman tweeted, “Man begging in flight is a symbol of what we have become. Thanks to our corrupt ruling elite the entire nation is labeled with the same stigmas. Still, as a nation we do not wake up nor do we even remotely try to install some order in our lives. Truly shameful”

“Beggar on Thai Airways flight from Karachi to Bangkok
Only in Pakistan.”

“Pakistan A beggar in a flight asking passengers to help him”

“Saw the video of the beggar who somehow made his way on to a Bangkok bound flight. Don’t know if I want to feel sad for his helplessness (even if feigned), or angry at authorities on what is pretty much a huge security breach. We have become so desensitised to begging; it’s sad.”

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