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A baby born in China after 4 years of Parents death

A baby was born in China when his grandparents won the legal battle for using their children’s embryos.

The baby’s parents died in a car accident four years ago; a baby boy was born in China using a surrogate mother and embryos frozen before the death BBC reports. Tiantian was born to a surrogate mother from Laos.

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Earlier: baby’s parents had frozen their embryos, they had an intention to use the frozen embryos for IVF treatment, but who knows what’s coming next. After the parents died in a car crash their parents, and grandparents of the child went into a legal battle to use stored embryos in order to have a grandson from them. It was a long struggle with no legal precedent of the case. They went to Laos where commercial surrogacy was legal. They brought the surrogate mother to China to have their grandson born in China so he can have a Chinese citizenship.

However, the surrogate mother commuted to China on a tourist visa to give birth, all four grandparents two from mother’s side and two from fathers side had to provide DNA and blood tests in order to legitimate their heir and proof that he was their grandson.