A 57-year-old Chinese man completes his second around-the-world trip in 68 days

A 57-year-old Chinese man completes his second around-the-world trip in 68 days

According to a media report, a 57-year-old Chinese man has completed his life’s second around-the-world trip and landed in Chicago, United States.

As per the details, the man landed in the US on Sunday morning after flying 68 days and making 50 stops.

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To express his excitement, the Chinese man, Bo Zhang circled a small airport, an hour’s drive southwest of Chicago, four times at low altitude before the landing, Global Times reported.

As per the details of the trip, Zhang kicked off the flight in the same airport in Chicago on April 2. In 68 days of his trip, he flied through as many as 21 countries in three continents and over three oceans with the total mileage of 41,000 Kilometers.

“The challenges I encountered this time are much more than when I did the first around-the-world flight,” Zhang said while talking to media. “I have experienced all hardships, expected and unexpected,” he added.

He further said that the most difficult part of the flight was flying over the Arctic area. “After taking off from the Chicago airport, I directly flied northward into the Arctic Circle. There was still cold weather in early April, when the temperature on the ground was 20 degrees Celsius below zero… I was flying at an altitude of 15,000 feet and the temperature there was minus 50 Celsius,” he added.

During the whole trip of 68 days, Zhang was battling almost every day with several problems such as fuel supply, mechanical failure, and emergency maintenance and repairs.

Zhang, 57, has already started to plan for his third around-the-world trip.

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