A 5.5-magnitude earthquake hits southern Greece – Research Snipers

A 5.5-magnitude earthquake hits southern Greece

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Greece’s coast on Monday. According to the media report, there were no signs of damage or causalities.

According to the US Geological Survey, the depth of the earthquake was 30 kilometers and about 70 kilometers southwest of the city of Kalamata. The epicenter was in the sea off the Pylos’ town.

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The mayor of Pylos, Dimitris Kafantaris told Antenna TV that the earthquake had a long duration and we were worried initially, but right now we have absolute calm.

Greece sits on significant fault lines and has been regularly facing earthquakes in the recent years, but not many causalities reported.

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake was reported last July which killed at least two people and injured dozens of people on the tourist island of Kos.