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A 12-Year-Old Stole Parents’ Credit Card and Flied to Bali Alone

A twelve-year-old boy in Sydney stole his parents’ credit card, fooled his grandmother into giving him his passport and then flew to Bali alone after an argument erupted between him and his family.

The boy researched online for flight bookings and hotel bookings himself and after doing the research he booked his flight and hotel room and that too without any trouble or whatsoever.

He informed his family that he was going to school, instead he went to the local train station on his own scooter from there then he travelled to the airport. He used a self-service check-in terminal and then boarded a connecting flight to Perth and from there to Indonesia.

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He was only inquired once at the Perth airport, relating his identification, for proving he was above twelve years of age.

As per the twelve-year-old, he said that they just asked for his ID and passport to prove that he is above twelve tears of age and that he is in secondary school. He also mentioned that it was great because he wanted to go on an adventure.

On reaching Bali, he checked into the All Seasons Hotel, telling the staff that he was waiting for his sister.

Once it was reported that he was absent from school, the boy’s family searched for him and found that the twelve-year-old is in Bali on his own.

It seems that the parents now have to be super cautious after they scold their children as it is apparent that kids these days are super independent, not at all afraid and knows all to the things that need to be done for travelling alone.

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