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9th Class Age Limit—SC Sets Aside LHC Decision

The Lahore High Court’s decision of holding a class 9 exam-age limit of twelve years illegal has been put aside by the two-member bench committee of the Supreme Court on Friday.

The bench was led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar—he gave the verdict while hearing to the plea filed by the Intermediate and Secondary Education Board of Lahore at the Lahore Supreme Court Registry.

During the case proceedings, the board’s counsel debated that the Lahore High Court had decided the minimum age limit of twelve years to appear in the class IX exams as illegal.

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Under the Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act 1975 the boards have the authority to discard the set minimum age restrictions. It was pleaded with the bench to put aside the LHC orders.

The Chief Justice questioned that how could board define age limits. He added that if a child is intelligent then it does not mean that restrictions should be forced on him.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that the boards are formed for facilitating the students not to put and create problems and hurdles for them.

The CJP observed that the bench was not motivated to give the authority to boards for setting minimum age limitations.

He added that the matter of allotting power to the boards relating the minimum age restriction would be revised in case any such issue arises in future.

The court lifted the LHC decision but clarified that the verdict would not be affecting the petitioners who brought their matter to court after the LHC decision.

The court further instructed the boards not to stop the results and degrees of students who have used the LHC verdict.

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