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99 KGs Of Crystal Meth Caught In Balochistan

Crystal Meth

Pakistan Army along with the Pakistan Coast Guards have successfully raided and seized 99 kgs of crystal Meth also known as (methamphetamine) from suspected smugglers in Balochistan’s Pasni area, according to the reports.

According to the spokesperson for the Pakistan Coast Guards, the troops conducted a search around mountains and recovered the ‘high-quality’ drug from camels carrying goods. The smuggler was also arrested during the raid.

The drug was being carried to a safe place from where it was about to be smuggled into various parts of the country as well as other countries through the sea route but the forces acted swiftly and seized it, the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also told the cost of the drug which was estimated to be Rs30 million according to the international market. It is important to mention here that there has been a rise in Crystal Meth drug smuggling in recent years into Pakistan. The drug usage has been increased among university students and among the elite class.

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