95 People Returned From the Gulf States And Iran Quarantine In Their Homes In Multan

Since the government has taken strict isolation measures for the people returning from abroad the local government in Multan has taken a swift action complying with the government guidelines. The district administration of Multan has taken 95 people coming from overseas into social isolation in their homes.

According to the district administration, all the people from Iran and the Gulf countries had come to Shuja Abad and had reached their homes without screening at different times during the last 15 days.

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The district administration said that with the help of locals, the district administration tracked down all the people who came from overseas after which they have been isolated in their homes.

District health teams are constantly monitoring these individuals, according to the district administration. The initiative from the local government has been lauded because of the fact that the people have been isolated within their own homes which psychologically helps patients for a speedy recovery from the so-called Coronavirus.

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