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95% of those infected with COVID-19 experienced no Symptoms

According to a new study by Aga Khan University (AKU) researchers, more than 9 out of 10 people that got infected with COVID-19 experienced no symptoms of the disease.

In Pakistan, most COVID-19 cases were recorded in Karachi. The study revealed AKU faculty investigating the prevalence of COVID-19 cases in parts of the city having high and low rates of transmission in the community in the months of April and June 2020.

The study unveiled that 95% of the people that tested positive for COVID-19 via blood tests who registered antibodies presence to combat the disease reported that they felt no symptoms of the illness like cough, fever, or sore throat. On the other hand, they were asymptomatic.

In Pakistan, the proportion of asymptomatic cases is much higher in comparison to the rest of the developed world. As the asymptomatic people do not go for hospital treatment, it reveals the reason why hospitals in Pakistan were not under as much strain as in the U.K and Spain.

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It was also indicated in the result that the children are as much likely of getting the disease as adults. Men, women equally face the risk of getting infected.

It was also confirmed in the study that between April and June 2020, COVID-19 cases increased sharply from 0.2% to 8.7% in the low community transmission areas and to 15.1% from 0.4% in high community transmission areas.

Dr. Imran Nisar, an assistant professor at AKU and co-investigator on the study said, “The sharp increase in antibody levels in an area with low reported cases indicates that the virus continues to spread unchecked in populations where testing rates are sub-optimal.”

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