9 Pakistanis Featured in Forbes Asia’s ’30 Under 30′ list

Nine Pakistanis are featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list. In the 2018 list 30 amazing, game changers, young innovators & visionaries are acknowledged in 10 different categories “who are re-inventing industries and driving change” in Asia.

Momina Mustehsan

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The 26 years old, Coke Studio musical sensation is featured in the Entertainment and Sports category. Momina is recognized for her  “newfound exposure to advocate for social causes important to her, including women’s rights, cyberbullying and mental health awareness.”

Sadia Bashir

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The 29 years old, founder of PixelArt Games Academy is featured in the Enterprise Technology category.  PixelArt co-founder is recognized for her startup aiming to remove the distance between demand in the market & education by providing video game development training.

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

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The young 17-year-old scientist discovered a procedure to photograph the movement of the ions forming a honeycomb similar shape when the electrically-charged particles pass through oil. For his achievement, Niazi is recognized in the Healthcare and Science category.

Hamza Farrukh

Hamza Farrukh. PHOTO: FORBES

The 24-year-old founder of Bondh-e-Shams-The Solar Water Project built a solar-powered water extraction and filtration system. The system costs $8,000 and it has 25 years life. For his work and effort, Hamza is acknowledged in the Social Entrepreneurs category.

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Syed Faizan Hussain, 24, Founder Perihelion Systems

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24 years old, Faizan is an entrepreneur who launched Perihelion Systems. His startup provides facilities to people through technology. His work includes the creation of OneHealth, a system that can be used ensuring disease surveillance and to support medical institutions in combatting prevalent outbreaks and Edu Aid, a procedure through which sign language could be translated into spoken language

Adnan and Adeel Shaffi

Adnan and Adeel Shaffi. PHOTO: FORBES

28 and 30 years old Shaffi brother are founders of Price Oye. It is an online site that compares sites of different phones in Pakistan. For their effort, they are recognized in the Retail and E-commerce category.

Muhammad Asad Raza and Abrahim Ali Shah

Muhammad Asad Raza and Abrahim Ali Shah. PHOTO: FORBES

The CEO and CTO of a healthcare startup Neurostic, Mr. Muhammad Asad Raza and Abrahim Ali  Shah are recognized for their work to use technology to improve healthcare services. They are acknowledged in the Healthcare and Science category.

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