9 Dutch Companies Interested to Invest in Poultry and Livestock Sector in Pakistan


Nine Dutch companies are interested to invest in the poultry and livestock sector in Pakistan, as per the Dutch Ambassador to Pakistan, Wouter Plomp.

In a meeting with the Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research, Mehboob Sultan he revealed this. During the meeting, they discussed agricultural cooperation.

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Out of the 9 Dutch companies, two of them deal in pharmaceuticals i.e. poultry & livestock vaccine, as per the Ambassador.

He said, ”We are looking forward to materializing those objectives of investment in the agro sector here in Pakistan.”

Furthermore, the ambassador said that the top priority is agricultural cooperation. Adding, that the exchange of research and technology will be beneficial for both countries.

Also, he informed the Federal Minister that the Dutch Agriculture Mission has planned a seminar in Nov 2019. It would provide an opportunity for potential investors and experts to exchange cooperation proposals in different sectors that includes dairy, poultry, horticulture, etc.

As per the minister, the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Netherlands would be beneficial for both the countries. It will enable the two nations to benefit from the expertise of each other in agricultural sector.

Federal Minister Mehboob Sultan said that the seed potatoes that Pakistan currently import from Holland is lower than its demand. Adding, “We will welcome Dutch companies investment on this front,” he said.

Federal Minister Mehboob Sultan said ”We have set an ambitious target of processing 30% of milk in the next 5 years, which currently is only 5%”.

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