84 Pakistani illegal immigrants arrested in Iran

Iran border Pakistan

Quetta:  84 Pakistani Illegal immigrants were arrested in Iran and handed over to administrators in Taftan.

According to the details, a group of 84 Pakistanis were illegal immigrants in Iran withoutany travel and ID documents. The group entered Iran by illegal means and hadplans to enter Europe via Iran and Greece for employment purposes.

The accused were lodged in Levies Thana at Taftan Baluchistan and probe into their case was launched, PPI reported.

Pakistan has a serious issue of human trafficking because of the unemployment and corrupt humantraffickers, the agents trap innocent Pakistani people and induce them withopportunities they will have in Europe. They get money from these people andsend them out of the country by illegal means exposing them to extremevulnerabilities and life threats.

A week ago, two Pakistanis took bullets in their hearts while crossing the Iranian border illegally in an attempt to go abroad and look for better opportunities. The Iranian guards opened fire at two Pakistani illegal immigrants at the border, Dawn reported.

There have been countless cases of life loses at Pakistan-Iran border when it comes toillegal immigration. The government of Pakistan should take strict actionagainst the human traffickers in Pakistan and bring them to justice for thenumber of lives they have played with.

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