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80% Railway Tracks in Pakistan have Expired

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Around 80% of the railway tracks in Pakistan have expired. 1482 unmanned level crossings of Pakistan Railways on sections that are operational have completed their life span. They need to be looked at in order to avert any kind of accident.

The bridges are being rehabilitated but more attention is required as some of the bridges are over a century old.

There are around 13,959 small and large bridges. 86% of the bridges are over 100 years old. There has been regular maintenance going on that has allowed safe train operations but things need to improve.

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Pakistan Railways is planning to upgrade Main Line-1 that will lead to Peshawar from Karachi through Lahore under China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The entire railway line will be upgraded. The track from Lahore to Peshawar through Rawalpindi is also being planned to be dualized during five years period.

Also through Complete Track Renewal, Sleeper Renewal and Rail Renewal the 730 on railway track is being rehabilitated. The PC-I track located in Sukkur Division is also being rehabilitated.

Per year all bridges are inspected following the schedule. Minor repairs are done to ensure safety of the tracks. Under different development projects currently 230 bridges were renewed.

On the operational sections of Pakistan Railways there are 2777 level crossings. Filed Engineers regularly carry out the inspection of the crossings to ensure that they maintain a standard. But the complete overhauling of the crossings is done on yearly basis.