Drug Testing Laboratory in Punjab has declared a vast number of medicines prescribed for different kind of diseases and surgery treatments as substandard and fake. Samples of these medicines were declared unfit for human consumption.

Young Doctors Association, Punjab, senior vice President Dr. Atif Chaudhry said, “The recent laboratory examination of nearly 80 percent medicines prescribed for all diseases and surgical treatments have been found ‘fake’, which the bureaucracy erroneously terms ‘substandard’ to mitigate the extent and effect of wrongdoing.”

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Drugs Testing Laboratory Punjab obtained samples of all kinds of medicines from primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals of Punjab. The time period of the medicines obtained was  August 30, 2017, to April 7, 2018. The findings of the sample medicines were clear – Most of the medicines were below standard.

Dr. Atif Chaudhry informed that the water supply in hospitals is also contaminated. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was found in water, which is resistant to common antibiotics and sterilization. He disclosed that  “It needs special antibiotics with heavy and extra dosages to counter their effects, which has its own side-effects.”

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The medicines declared substandard by Drug Testing Laboratory, Punjab include

  • Tab Calamox 375mg
  • Augmentin DS
  • Cap Gexim 400mg
  • Veterinary Medicine Solution Deltaback
  • Veterinary Injection Pred CPM 50ml
  • Cap Omicin 500mg
  • Aqua-P water for Injection 5ml
  • Eye drops Eyebradex 5ml
  • Metzil 60ml
  • Nocer 10mg/5ml
  • Veterinary Injection Prednobak 50ml

Furthermore, the recommendation is not to use homeopathic teething products marketed by Hyland’s, Chlorhexidine Gluconate. They can cause serious allergic reactions. Intraocular Vancomycin can lead to HORV that can result in blindness.

As per Drug Testing Lab Punjab director, Dr. Shafiqur Rehman 84 observations were made when declaring the medicines substandard. He also said that Provincial Quality Control Board (PQCB) should take action and remove the below standard medicines from the shelves.


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