80 per cent Mosques in Punjab Break the Govt.-Ulema Agreement on Taraweeh

Govt.-Ulema Agreement

As per reports, more than 80 per cent of the mosques in Punjab and Islamabad did not implement the deal that was agreed upon between the government and the Ulema about the first Taraweeh congregations on Friday.

The survey was done by the Pattan Development Organisation, that used a standardised checklist that comprised of 4 of the 20 points of the deal.

These points are that the Taraweeh should not be arranged on the footpaths and roads, there should at least be a distance of 6 feet between the worshippers on all 4 sides, people should perform ablution at their homes not in the mosques and that they should wear face masks while coming to the mosques.

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40 observers were positioned to do the survey and each visited 4 to 5 mosques during the Taraweeh prayers on the 24th of April.

The report said that the violation of the deal is highly possible to continue in the days to come unless the government takes strict action against the rule breakers.

It was observed by the surveyors that 194 mosques in the 15 cities and towns were violating the agreement.

The data indicated that in 96 per cent of the observed mosques people were seen praying on the roads and pavements and about 89 per cent of the worshipper were wearing no masks.

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