80 Countries Nationals Can Now Enter Qatar “Visa-Free”

Qatar faced isolation from all its neighbors due to a political conflict. Now in order to restore tourism and trade in the country, Qatar is offering visa free entry to 80 countries.

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Tourism department member Hassan al-Ibrahim said while talking to a news conference in Doha “The visa exemption sch­eme will make Qatar the most open country in the region.”

Mohamed Rashed al-Mazrouei, Interior Ministry official said that the individuals of 80 countries would just require a valid passport to enter into Qatar.

The countries included in this program are European Union’s Sche­ngen zone, Western nations, Latin American and Asian countries.

33 countries nationals are allowed to stay in Qatar for 180 days while the rest 47 countries individuals can stay till 30 days, a time period that can renew for a single time.

Selection of the countries as per Mazrouei is according to the security and economic conditions of the area.

Qatar Airways also plans to spread its network in 62 other nations and would come in handy in this new visa-free offer by Qatar.

Also recently Qatar also gave a permanent resident status to certain foreigners who work hard for the benefit of Qatar.

As per these new rule children who have Qatari mother and a foreign father would be able to benefit from it. Also, those foreigners who have benefitted Qatar or have talent that can be used would be given resident status.

Those given resident statuses would have advantages like free access to public services including health and education.

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