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8 things to avoid in Dubai that can take you to jail

Dubai is a largest and populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and located on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai had emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. In 2012, Dubai was declared the 22nd most expensive city in the world and declared number one in the Middle East. Hotel rooms in Dubai rated as the second most expensive in the world after Geneva.

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We are going to share the eight things with you that are banned in Dubai. By exercising those things you will be landed in the jail or if you are not the resident of Dubai, officials shall deport you.

Fund Raising Without Permission

Fundraising in Dubai without permission from the concerned departments is banned. You should have a written permission issued by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department Dubai to raise the fund for any NGO or any other individual. If you caught raising funds without any permission, you will be sentenced to the jail for one year or have to pay “One Lac emirate Dirham” as a fine.

Abuse Anyone on Social Media

Every single person is using social media platforms to express their feelings about anyone else. While living in Dubai you can’t threaten or abuse anyone on social media. According to Dubai’s cyber laws, you will be fined 0.5 million emirate Dirhams if anyone filed a case against you on the charges of abusing or threatening or you will be kicked out from Dubai.

Checking your Spouse’s Phone

Dubai has very strict laws regarding the privacy of any people living in Dubai. You are not authorized to check anyone’s privacy by using any type of computer or mobile technology, not even of your life partner’s. If you caught doing this you will be sentenced to the jail for one year or will be fined 1-3 lac emirate Dirhams.

Taking Photo of Anyone without Permission

Taking a photo of any stranger without their permission is ethically not right, but Dubai has a law for it. This is the extension of Privacy Law of Dubai. If anyone caught while exercising this will be sent to the jail for six months.

Sharing Photos of Accidents

While living in Pakistan or in other countries the footages and photos of the accidents are easily available on the social media platforms right after the incident happened. But in Dubai people are strictly forbidden to share the image or video of the accidents in Dubai. You will be sent to the jail or have to pay fine of huge amount.

Carrying Poppy Seeds

Carrying a Poppy Seeds bagel is not allowed the in the state of Dubai. Because these seeds helped to produce heroin and ephedrine. If you caught having any type of drugs in Dubai, you will be sent to the jail for a long time and have to face deportation.

Spreading Rumors

Spreading fake news or rumours are strictly banned in the state of Dubai. You should have to be very careful before posting or publishing any news on social media or in your social circle. If anyone caught maligning any individual’s or any company’s name, will have to face the strict cyber laws of Dubai.

Cheque Bouncing

Bouncing a cheque in Dubai is considered as one the major crimes in Dubai. If your issued cheque has got bounced in Dubai you will have to face a very long time investigation process, according to the Dubai’s law. Normally, there are two main causes of bouncing a cheque, one is insufficient funds and the other is human error while writing the cheque.