76 Suspected Coronavirus Patients in Punjab


A total of 76 suspected coronavirus patients have been reported in Punjab. None of these patients have tested positive.

People in Pakistan have panicked as the patients detected in the novel coronavirus are increasing day by day. 19 patients of coronavirus have been confirmed in Pakistan. 15 patients are in Karachi, 2 in Islamabad, and one each in Gilgit and Quetta respectively.

This novel coronavirus Covid-19 is named by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It has spread across 115 countries.

11 patients suspected of coronavirus are under observation in hospitals in various cities across the province. Patients suspected of coronavirus are kept in the isolation rooms which includes three patients in DHQ hospital, Gujranwala, two each in Mayo Hospital and Doctors Hospital in Lahore and one each in DHQ hospital, Hafizabad, DHQ hospital, Sargodha and DHQ hospital, Lodharan.

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Around 65 patients have been cleared of suspicion of contracting the virus. These patients have been discharged from hospitals all across the province.

It has been reported that two patients that include a NAB prisoner and a patient from Gujranwala are also kept in the High Dependency Unit at the Services Hospital. However, it is not confirmed whether they were suffering from coronavirus or not.

A doctor at the Services Hospital said, “As only those patients, suspected of carrying coronavirus symptoms, are supposed to be kept in HDU isolation, but officials deny that these patients were being kept for suspicion of coronavirus.”

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