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71% of the population in Balochistan is Poor


For decades, Balochistan has been the most neglected province of Pakistan. It has suffered from poverty, separatist violence and ignorance. Even though the province has large stores of natural and mineral resources, UN figures stated that 71% of Balochi’s live in poverty. This accounts for 12 million people living in poverty.

Officials made an announcement to build 100 small dames, five years ago. However, only a few have been built. Scarce rainfall, wells running dry has compelled people to buy water for drinking and bathing.

62% of people in Balochistan do not have access to safe drinking water. 60% of the land in not cultivatable. 16% of Balochi children are suffering from acute malnutrition while 40% under the age of 5 are underweight.

Baloch said, “The government thinks that they can end the drought by distributing some food. The government needs proper planning, policies, and execution of those policies — in which the Baluchistan government lags behind.”

Hameed, a Balochi citizen said, “There used to be ibex, markhor goats, other wildlife. “But they are migrating from the Chiltan because most of the ponds have gone dry.”

Furthermore, Hameed said, “Humans don’t have water to drink here. “I doubt if we can stop the migration of wildlife because as human beings, we are thinking of leaving to live in a place where we have water.”

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