70% Private Schools In Punjab Have Not Upgraded Their Security Despite Terrorist Attacks

A security audit showed that almost 70% of private schools of Punjab have scarce security arrangements.

After the Army Public School tragic incident occurred in 2014, the government issued a foolproof security arrangement for all schools.

Those elite private schools that eat high fees from students were part of Category A. 1070 schools colleges and universities from Punjab were included in Category A. They were asked to improve their security system during summer vacations. So before the vacations ended a security audit was conducted by Special Branch personnel in the 1070 educational institutions.

The results displayed that the security of the schools remains inadequate. 1024 schools did not install any scanners. Bunkers were not installed by 429 institutions while 172 did not place any barriers in front of the school gate. 312 had no security walk through gates while 404 schools did not include CCTV cameras for night vision while 9 didn’t have CCTV cameras anyway.

Not only this, the security guards of 68 schools are untrained while two schools hired over age security guards. 60 schools have no search lights, six schools have a feeble boundary while five have no boundary whatsoever. Moreover, in case of an emergency 48 schools have no arrangements like panic button while 62 schools did not conduct any panic drills.

In short, our country’s education institutions remain unsafe and lack security despite so many tragic incidents in the past. We continue to give hefty fesses to school and they will continue to eat them. Our children? Their lives are of no importance to the school’s administration as proven by the poor security arrangements.

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Educational institutions remain on the hit list of terrorists while the institutions still fail to upgrade their security. So isn’t it high time for the parents to stand up for their children and take action against these elite private schools.

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