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70 percent Smog in Pakistan comes from India

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The alarming 70 percent of the smog in Pakistan actually comes from India according to the ministry of climate change.

Pakistan’s one of the seasonal environment problem is smog which creates damaging environmental conditions during the winter season, the environmental degradation from neighboring country India, carbon emissions, industrial smoke combined with fog creates smog which has a devastating effect on the environment and human health—The News reported.

According to the specialist environmental sciences from the Ministry of Climate Change Muhammad Saleem, the Indian farmers burn their crops residue after harvesting which turns into a massive smoke collection above the ground and becomes smog which is spread across borders of Pakistan and beyond. He further said Pakistan’s own contribution to smog is quite less as compared to India. The neighboring country is the world’s fourth-largest polluter in terms of carbon emissions; India is becoming a threat to the regional environment as well.

While responding to the questions, he said, Pakistan’s contribution to smog and environmental pollution is minimal however, the country has taken steps to combat smog, the ministry has successfully implement zigzag technology in brick kilns of the country which will be closed on time after the winter season.

The ministry of climate change has also taken up the issue to Foreign Ministry and urged to have a dialogue with India about this serious environmental matter, this is a collective socio-economic and environmental issue and India is the most significant target.

In Pakistan, the most significant contributors to smog are the brick kilns, there are roughly 20,000 brick kilns working across the country. Their fuel source is mainly the plastic bags, old leather and garbage which are responsible for emitting toxic carbon and dark smoke in the air, he added.

The ministry also said they had a successful talk with the owners of brick kilns and they convinced them to use the Zigzag technology in their brick kilns.