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70% of Pakistanis believe coronavirus threat is exaggerated

Coronavirus risk is still lurking but people are not taking it seriously anymore, as revealed in a recent survey. A survey was conducted between 9th July and 10th August 2020. 1300 respondents were part of the survey from across Pakistan.

In the survey, it was found out about the number of people that have doubts about the COVD-19 pandemic and who think that it is just a hoax. 70% of people said that they have doubts about it, stating the coronavirus pandemic threat is exaggerated.

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Furthermore, the Gallup Pakistan poll revealed that the people who believe that the coronavirus threat is real was just 26%.

55% of respondents believed that the coronavirus pandemic is a foreign conspiracy. 54% believed that coronavirus is made in the laboratory, 31% disagreed with it.  

The poll revealed that 54% of Pakistani supported the idea that the coronavirus made in a laboratory, while 31% disagreed.

59% of respondents said that even though they are following the standard operating procedures (SOPs), they do not believe that it is real. 32% of respondents believed that it is real. 10% did not comment on it.

The survey revealed that those who believe that the coronavirus data of the government is real were 61% of the respondents while 33% were skeptical about it.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that there is a decrease in the number of people that have complained of having coronavirus symptoms.

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